Monthly Archives: July 2012

Leah, a friend of mine from back home in NZ writes fabulous poems and short stories, and posts some her writing on her blog. a couple of weeks ago she asked me if i’d mind if she wrote a poem inspired by one of my photos. obviously i was very flattered and honoured that she wanted to do so. last week she posted the poem on her blog along with the photo of mine she based it on, you can find them here. check out the rest of Leah’s great writing while you’re there.

Michelle Elvy, who edits and contributes to the online short fiction magazines A Baker’s Dozen and Flash Frontier, read Leah’s poem and saw my photo. she asked if i’d be interested in sending her a few of my photos for the latest issue of Flash Frontier, which of course i was. you can find the latest issue of Flash Frontier here. i’m very honoured to have one of my photos included beside such great pieces of writing. thanks Michelle.

i took this a couple of months ago. it was on a wall located in the downtown area that is covered with graffiti. as far as i know the wall is something of a public space where anybody can come and paint on. this graffiti has since been painted over. i really enjoy all the colours.